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Ok, so it's time for the inevitable home page!

Hi there, and welcome to my home page. If you've run into my site by accident, my name is Steve MacGuire, I live in Islington, London with my wife and 3 children (15, 16 & 17). I work at the Theatre Royal Haymarket as Chief Electrician & IT Manager and also do a bit of IT support in what little spare time I can negotiate!

Never point at a camera, you're sure to have your picture taken

I'm Into: Science & Technology, particularly Computers, Maths & Physics. My taste in music is eclectic ranging from Abba to Zappa (actually I lied about Abba but I like the image). I love reading when I get the time - a mixture of non-fiction, humour & science fiction, especially Terry Prachett, Harry Harrison & Isaac Asimov. My favourite book is Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter. My favourite game is Reversi, about which I've written a little here. You can also find out more about my interests by heading over to my blog on MSN Spaces.

I've been programming since the early 1980's. Most projects have been small tools for my own use but I've also created a number of custom applications including a script-driven questionnaire/research system for the Ergonomics Unit at University College, London, a TeleText based point-of-sale notice board for the University of London and The BIG Number utility for updating Outlook contact telephone numbers.
Since 1995 I've been managing a growing network of computers at the Theatre Royal Haymarket
, providing technical support and developing custom solutions with Microsoft Office & Visual Basic. I have also obtained a BSc Honours Degree through distance learning with the Open University.


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