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This page is an area for me to experiment with the odd effect or FrontPage component (e.g. the built-in search engine) and check how it works on a live server. Some of these effects may not work on older browsers...

The latest tool for testing is overLIB, a set of tools for MouseOver PopUps, ToolTips etc. I found this handy little piece of code at http://www.bosrup.com/web/overlib. I'm hoping I can work out how to use it to display a larger image when the cursor runs over a thumbnail.

Click to see me flash Click on the Flash logo to the left to see my first attempt at Flash-style animation made with Swish V1.52 as provided free with PC Plus Magazine in the October 2001 issue.

This is a FrontPage hover button. It's a bit limited, but then I'm no graphics designer and it's easier than building & coding animated text buttons by hand.

Rainbow text... by Steve MacGuire.
In moderation, this can give a nice effect, but it requires a lot of HTML, and a bit of code to generate it!

The code to generate the above was written in Excel/VBA - it works - but it's not user friendly (which is why it's not here). It allows you to define a string, any number of intermediate points and the colour of each of those points. It then interpolates the RGB colour values between each fixed point and generates the HTML for each coloured letter. The HTML for the whole string is then copied into Notepad or the HTML view of a web editor such as FrontPage.

PS Microsoft Agent looks like fun. Sometime I hope to be able to use it to allow navigation around this site using voice commands, however you'll have to make do with demo for now. The demo relies on some Active-X controls from Microsoft which should be installed on demand.