D12 Diploma in Computing - Awarded 1998

This diploma should be particularly valuable if you are studying in this area for career development purposes and do not want to complete a full degree or want to obtain an interim qualification on your way to a full degree.

The Diploma in Computing is made up of Level 2 and Level 3 courses taken from our undergraduate programme. There are no entry requirements but you must be suitably prepared for study at a level equivalent to the second year of an ordinary degree. The normal preparation would be one of the Level 1 courses MU120 Open mathematics, MST121 Using mathematics or T102 Living with technology.

You can register your intention to study for the diploma when you reserve your place on individual courses, or you can ask us at any time to link towards the diploma courses that you have already studied. This gives you the flexibility to delay your decision or to change your mind as your studies progress. You cannot count a course towards more than two final OU qualifications and you cannot count the same course towards both the Diploma in Statistics and the Diploma in Computing.

To view the full descriptions of the courses underlined, please click on their codes or titles.

You must take:

M206 Computing: an object-oriented approach (60 points)

M301 Software systems and their development (60 points)
M358 Relational databases (30 points)

AND one of the following:
MT262 Putting computer systems to work (30 points)
M261 Mathematics in computing (30 points)
T223 Microprocessor-based computers (30 points)]

Planning your studies
Courses can count towards this diploma for a maximum of three years after we have stopped presenting them (please read the full course descriptions for details of planned course lives). Also we cannot guarantee that the same selection of courses will continue to be available. We have a general university regulation that prevents you from studying more than 120 points' worth of courses (the equivalent of full-time study) in any 12-month period but, because of the demands that the courses in the diploma will make on you, we in fact recommend a lower limit of 60 points, particularly in your first year.

Discontinued courses
Some courses that are now discontinued may also count towards this qualification

M205 Fundamentals of Computing
M353 Programming and Programming Languages
M355 Topics in Software Engineering
M357 Data Models and Databases
MZX205 Fundamentals of Computing
MZX353 Programming and Programming Languages

You will need to ask us to link your previous course record to the qualification and we will check our regulations at that stage to ensure the course is eligible.

Excluded combinations
Some OU courses cannot be counted towards the same qualification because their content overlaps. If a course forms part of an excluded combination we mention it in the detailed course description.

Credit for previous study elsewhere
For this qualification we do not allow you to count credit for study you have done elsewhere.

On completion
On successful completion of the required courses you will be awarded a Diploma in Computing and will be entitled to use the letters Dip Comp (Open) after your name.

More information
You can find out more about this diploma in the Courses, Diplomas and BA/BSc Degrees prospectus, which you are welcome to request.